Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chalk Pastel Sunflowers

This week we read poems and books about sunflowers and looked at Van Gogh's famous sunflowers before creating our own works of art.  The children drew one or two large sunflowers in pencil on black construction paper.  They started with the centre, then added petals.  Some added leaves and stems.  The second step was tracing over the pencil lines with white glue. The next morning, they were so excited to see the glue had dried clear overnight (insert ooohs and ahhhhs here).  Introducing the chalk pastels resulted in a round of applause.  These artists were eager to begin.  They chose their colours thoughtfully and began blending, mixing and smudging to their hearts content.

I love how they were able to choose contrasting colours for their backgrounds.  The sunflowers really pop!  Here are the finished pieces.  Aren't they beautiful?