Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

We just love, love, love this latest book by Peter Brown!  Great story, great art.  After reading the book, we spent some time poking around on Peter Brown's website.  Definitely worth a visit and revisit!

We also watched a great four minute video clip by Peter Brown discussing the creation of the story, the writing process, and the artistic influences that shaped his book.

The children quickly got busy cutting out greenery for their jungle scenes, focusing on the repetitive shapes used in the book.  Once they had heaping piles of foliage, it was time to layer them and glue them down.

A variety of orange, black, white and pink papers were used for cutting out more simple shapes (rectangles, squares and circles) to assemble Mr. Tiger.  Some opted for smiling mouths and others preferred roaring ones!  Top hat or no top hat...all big decisions!

Oil pastels were used to apply the finishing details on Mr. Tiger, before he was tucked in behind the plants in the jungle.  The children also cut out small pink butterflies for a pop of colour. These photographs were taken before that final step.  Don't they look fantastic?