Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Somewhere Today...

With Remembrance Day just around the corner we have been reading, discussing and expressing our thoughts and ideas about peace and freedom.  The class has also been practicing singing 'Peace Like a River', which they will perform at the Remembrance Day Assembly this Friday.

There are so many beautiful picture books about peace and we've been devouring as many as possible this week at school.  We read, Somewhere Today:  A Book of Peace by Shelley Moore Thomas.  Each page begins, "Somewhere today, someone is..." and describes simple things children are doing to make the world a better place.  The children shared ideas about how they can bring about peace through the helpful and caring things they do for other people and their world.  Finally, each student completed the sentence, "Somewhere today, someone is...".  

The children traced one of their hands on a piece of paper before tracing the hands of two friends overlapping their own.  After outlining with a sharpie, all of the sections were filled in using different colours.  Note to self:  sharpies generate great excitement!

Together, even small hands can make a big difference.